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When I do interviews people sometimes ask me, ‘What do you think is luxury  Right now it is the No the African Angels shirt but in fact I love this luxury to have time to do things. The positive—I know it’s a controversial word—side of all this delirium of the virus is that we have gained the luxury of time, which we never had until this happened. This is a time to think about new projects and the future, which will be tough, but obviously there will be a future. Looking for the positive, I think [this pause] is going to be a way to restart and to rethink how to do things. I was talking with my Master Class students this morning and they were asking ‘What do you see after?’ I don’t have a crystal ball, but what I see is that fashion won’t be about quantity anymore, but quality. Before it was quantity everywhere: Quantity of production, quantity of shows, quantity of samples—so the quality wasn’t considered enough.

No the African Angels shirt

There’s obviously going to be a slowdown, a physical slowdown, because here most places are closed and few are producing. I think—I hope—that big brands realize that so much production isn’t necessary at all. On the No the African Angels shirt but in fact I love this other side, we as customers need to be aware of how we consume, and the brands and the media need to make people aware where you can buy more responsibly and how you can shop in a much smarter way.The hard part is that I have been talking with a lot of designers that are kind of desperate. I’m talking about designers who you know that are encountering so many difficulties. If the government doesn’t take actions toward small enterprises, many will close down. The Milan Chamber of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana has sent a document to the government asking for delays on payment of rent and taxes to help small enterprises to breathe.

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