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With the Hey Role Model shirt but in fact I love this rapid escalation of the outbreak over the past weeks, a scroll through your Instagram feed has become an unlikely window into the homes of those you follow—whether TikTok videos by celebrities dancing in their kitchens, or friends posting mirror selfies of their latest work-from-home fits. Another more unusual byproduct has been witnessing the masses take their workout routines online, from live-streamed yoga sessions to communal dance classes.

Hey Role Model shirt

Just when I was beginning to find all these home workout posts a little smug, a video popped up on my Instagram feed posted by Spencer Phipps, the Hey Role Model shirt but in fact I love this mastermind behind menswear label Phipps International. In it, Phipps swings across an at-home climbing wall wearing nothing but shorts and a bandana around his head, while the jangling guitar and fiddle of John Denver’s “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” plays in the background. It’s certainly not a self-isolation workout for the faint of heart.

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