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I began to see the Chicago Sausage shirt besides I will buy this severity of the Coronavirus during an international work trip to Thailand. It was during Chinese New Year at the end of January and everyone was wearing masks. At that point, I had no idea that the United States would be in a similar situation just months later. As I continued traveling for work, both domestically and internationally, I had my hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes on hand. I used the skills I learned as a former Environmental Services employee at my local Minnesota hospital to clean my own hotel rooms. As someone who worked cleaning patient rooms even seven months into my modeling career, I have an empathetic heart for the thousands of medical workers who are on the frontline and doing all they can around the country to help with what the foreseeable future holds.

Chicago Sausage shirt

These scary times are allowing for my life to slow down a bit, for things to be put into perspective while I self-isolate at home in Minnesota. It is also allowing me to continue focusing on my work with. Just yesterday, I was on an hour-long conference call with some of the Chicago Sausage shirt besides I will buy this top UNICEF officials discussing what they are doing and what needs to be done for the world’s most vulnerable children during this uncertain time. I was relieved to hear during the call that, to date, there are no confirmed cases in refugee camps. Since social distancing isn’t possible in camps, the impact of an outbreak would be devastating due to lack of resources, doctors, and supplies. I fear for the families who are now living in the same situation my family once was, in places like Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya where I was born.

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