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What we should have is what the founding fathers intended – no career politicians but, rather, normal citizens doing a civic duty by serving in some elected office for a very limited amount of time. A politician would be elected for a term or maybe two and then would have to retire from that position. The government would pay them the salary they were making in the job they held before being elected and their employer would be expected to hire them back after their term is over. They would be regular citizens from all walks of life and people from all walks of life would serve in congress or whatever as a civic duty in a manner that would not jeopardize their real careers.


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Those who no longer held their elected offices could be called upon to provide advice for those replacing them, based on their experience (i.e., more or less as consultants) but they would not be allowed to hold those offices again, at least for some significant period of time. The result would be that more people would serve, those serving would be more focused on real needs of real people instead of political party platforms, and would be more independent.