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Champion Tanisha-Benjamin always remembers the first time she met Maria Guevara. Both are St. Patrick-St. High school student Vincent. I think she’s a very cute and happy girl when she’s around, he said Champion-Benjamin, recalling the year Guevara was Bruin’s mascot. At that time, Maria Maria was a good friend and although over the years, we lost contact when we met like we used to, Champion Champion-Benjamin said. Along with those beautiful memories, Champion-Benjamin designed a T-shirt with Guevara’s favorite phrase, – Love Explodes – with a portion of the proceeds going to Vallejo Together, a non-profit organization that helps people homeless that Guevara founded 10 years ago! and T-shirt And Jacket Combo New 100%. Guevara, 45, died May 7 in the city of Suisun. She is said to be homeless. I love her selflessness, loyalty, patience, and passion for what she’s doing, Champion Champion-Benjamin said. After that, Maria Maria put into action what I wanted to do. To me, she really embodies many of my favorite people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Princess Diana.
Champion-Benjamin recalls, recalling a year when Guevara sought donations for Thanksgiving. My family gave a couple of turkeys, a ham and a gift card, ” said Champion Champion-Benjamin. I have instilled in my children to return to the community and this is the first time they meet Maria. That was 11 years ago. A year later, Guevara introduced Champion-Benjamin to a woman hoping to resettle some puppies. I was fortunate to have one and that was for Maria, said Champion Champion-Benjamin. She is a gentle, kind person and a supporter of those in need. When Champion-Benjamin heard that Guevara was the victim of a train accident, I was surprised and immediately cried. Knowing that she was alone really made me sad and I just wished there was something I could do to help her. Helping others and being selfless can hurt you and I realized that if you don’t take care of yourself, you ultimately can’t take care of others! and T-shirt And Jacket Combo New 100%. I believe that Maria has been invested so much to help others that she has neglected herself and that everything has become too much for her.
Champion-Benjamin added that all the Maria exposed to her, she made a lasting impression and I just didn’t want her to be forgotten. So, Champion-Benjamin designed the love team’s t-shirt, which sells for $ 15 on Customink.com while admitting May is a mental health month! and T-shirt And Jacket Combo New 100%. Champion-Benjamin said she wants to sell from 100 to 150 shirts.
I couldn’t think that it would be hard for me to achieve my goal, she said. Champion-Benjamin said it would be good for the city to honor Guevara with a mural in her memory, a garden, or maybe a day dedicated to her. Although Vallejo Together’s CEO, Francie McInerney MacMillan had heard from Champion-Benjamin about the t-shirt, everyone did what they thought was good and helpful! and T-shirt And Jacket Combo New 100%. So many people were touched and inspired to do something to act for the sake of how they were reacting the way they were led. These are things that I can see Maria doing for herself for others.

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