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Adopt an apprenticeship. Choose some difficult path — one you think interests you; one you might be good at — and stick to it, until you have hammered out your tendency to procrastinate, your lack of skill, and your muddle-headed thinking. Then take a careful look at yourself, and see if you still want to pursue that path. If not, change. Don’t wait around to find something. If you don’t know what to do, do something, and hit it hard. That way you will learn exactly what is good about that activity, and what is not, instead of vaguely wondering. Once you learn that, and have developed some discipline, by accepting a discipline, you can move on.

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Coronavirus 2020 World Tour China and Asia Europe Australia North America shirt

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Aim to be a good person, and make everything else secondary. A moral life is considered good because such a life is genuinely the best life you can have. To be moral is not merely to follow an arbitrary set of rules, although you may have to do that, voluntarily, for a while, so that you can hammer yourself together (as recommended above). Good is more than that, but you can’t get to the more until you at least have some discipline. Do not allow yourself to compromise your future. You can experiment, hard, even with things that are frowned upon, because you need to know. But make sure you are learning, rather than becoming decadent and deteriorating, because you don’t want any responsibility, and have become prematurely cynical. If you are young you don’t know enough to be cynical. So drop it. To anyone wise, it looks like laziness, pretence and artifice anyway.

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