Whine gome strong shirt

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Sketch for a “Cardine” minidress, 1968, left, and the Whine gome strong shirt  “egg carton” dress realized. ”You can wash it, pack it—it never crushes, never loses its shape—and wear it straightaway,” Vogue noted approvingly.More substantial, because it extends beyond the decorative, was the designer’s invention of Cardine, “the exciting, new fabric everybody’s talking about,” as Vogue reported in October 1968. An early tech material, it could be heat-treated to hold embossed designs. Cardin used it to make an “egg carton” dress in 1968 and incorporated it into his landmark Cosmocorps collection.Cardin is the only civilian ever to put on a NASA space suit (in a neat tie-in, the Brooklyn Museum show opens on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing). Cecil Beaton wrote that Cardin was “a member of the Martian school: his young models are equipped for any science-fiction activity. Their heads protected by crash helmets, fireman’s masks, or culinary weapons, they are silhouetted like pears, torpedoes, or rocket missiles, in light hairy materials. They are in the advance guard of those exploring outer space.”

Whine gome strong shirt

Buy this shirt:  Whine gome strong shirt

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