I tried the water droplet on my phone. Photography what part of don’t you understand shirt. Didn’t work as planned, but I did get a pretty cool-looking shot. (Just to clarify, the water droplet kept dripping off, and I know it’s supposed to be for close-ups.) wow i have the pano on my fon, the second one but didn’t know how to use it, thanks for the video, really helpful will try it soon, This macro tip worked for me!
1. Make sure it’s a good sized drop of water.
2. Keep your phone flat and bring the object underneath your phone (I set my phone on a shot glass and brought the dollar underneath it).
3. Use it for old print photos with details that would otherwise be hard to see clearly. I’ll post examples underneath.

the heart one doesn’t make sense to me, I was wondering if they actually just used special effects on a software program. if you put a heart cutout over the lens, wouldn’t it just turn out with one heart frame around the whole picture? Also, the water droplet…was that also faked with photoshop, cuz wouldn’t the water slowly roll down with gravity?

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Please don’t sit on the street where cars drive! Photography what part of don’t you understand shirt. We’ve just had a tragic roadkill because of people sitting on a street, Good looking subjects help, a lot! Thank you so much for not making any disclaimers. We’re all grown-ups here. Does this really require? When we have all kind of software/app available to play around with pictures… some of these are cool some are not lol. I was blown away by the panoramic photo with iPhone and headphones volume takes selfies. I used a collander to look at an eclipse…. held it,with the sun to my back and it reflected images onto the ground as well as white pieces of paper. Very cool images!

If you turn the lens around on a canon 1300D kit camera you can manukau focus and get close up shots too! Photography what part of don’t you understand shirt. i always keep taging u coz i also have this passion but lack of time n many others things not let me to do but still i lve to do photogyaphy, But for this a good photographer should be with u and u know what in my house i m the only one person who is good at this rest if i want someone to click my pictures like when i want no one has good knowledge for good photos.


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