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It’s not necessarily the risk of COVID-19 transmission that worries me—I’ve been getting tested regularly, and New York’s infection rate has fallen enough to make me feel reasonably comfortable getting a masked, distanced outdoor drink with a new person, so long as they’ve also recently tested negative. (If you haven’t had the “Hey, so when was your last nose swab?” conversation with a potential partner, you have a real treat in store, let me tell you.)

Lucho acosta mlspa spotlight 2021 shirt

What really stresses me out about the prospect of introducing dating back into my life is the ritual of it all. I’ve spent the last five months either completely alone or seeing close friends only over Zoom and in outdoor areas. How do I transition from interacting only with people who know my birthday and my childhood AIM screen name to getting to know a whole new person? Suddenly, the fact that I used to regularly meet up with strangers—inside of bars, no less!—and while away an evening in their company seems incomprehensible.

Lucho acosta mlspa spotlight 2021 Hoodie

“What do people DO on dates, I forget,” I recently texted several of my beloved group chats, hoping they’d provide a wealth of tips. Unfortunately, the singles were as confused as I was, whereas the couples in our midst were mostly focused on trying not to kill each other after months of prolonged exposure. I remember the general gist—you order a drink, you smile flirtatiously, you oh-so-casually compare friends and hometowns and “cat vs. dog” preferences—but what I’m failing to recall is why we put ourselves through any of it.

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