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I’m still a little scarred by this, but I went through an exhibitionist phase as a teenager. I was definitely more on the shy side when I started high school, but got a little more confidence as I got older. I used to spend a lot of time on messenger. I spent a few summers out of my hometown and had friends that lived all over the place, so it was a good way to keep in touch with them.Anyway, on to the embarrassing part. Sometimes I would get on video chat, and of course being a teenager, the guys would ask me to flash them…and sometimes I did. I was almost never naked, but def close enough.One day I was chatting with one of my guy friends, and he asked to go on video chat and I did. And after a while, he asked what kind of underwear I was wearing. And I told him that I was wearing a new thong I had just bought and of course he asked to see it.

Trump ain’t a mistake snowflake shirt

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Everyone was afraid of her. She would lock the door as soon as the bell rang and if a student was tardy, she wouldn’t let them in. She was devoid of tact. Once she asked me if I was cheating on my take-home assignments because “You’re not exactly a model student who is suddenly more fluent than everyone else.” She was right about that first part.On the day before final exams, I came to class, set my things down, and started coughing. I announced that I was going to run to the hall and get a swig of water from the fountain. I got back to class right as the bell was ringing, and just in time for Madame W to close the door in my face. I pounded on the door, and she opened it and told me to gather my things and leave. She said “It is possible to be on time, and it is possible to be nice.” So I retorted with “Then why don’t you try it sometime?”. That doesn’t sound badass now that I put it in writing, but at the time, it was shocking. I didn’t regret it, but that afternoon I went in and feigned remorse so that she wouldn’t fail me. We actually got along remarkably well after that, and she helped me find a place to live in France a few years later.


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