Top shirts on Bombutee on 2020/03/25


Oh wait that wan’t Obama. debt of gratitude?!? Hahahaha!!! We suck into the pits of despair because of him and his divisive policies!Obama SUCKED why do people insist on ignoring the real reality under Obama, are liberals that brainwashed? You must be the Top shirts on Bombutee on 2020/03/25 of disguises ‘cause I could’ve sworn your face was lily white!!!0what was the real you? Maybe you should actually look up unemployment rates for both presidents and see for yourself. you forgot “some medical workers say I should be a medical worker. They say I have a really good ability to medical work.” So I guess you do not count the 1 trillion dollars Trump had increased the deficit by since he took office!!!!! Put the Kool Aid down. what did Obama do to earn a gratitude of debt? Can’t think of a thingNo. Hey. I voted for Obama the first election.



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