That’s the way it is’. Will still get a book deal, Netflix deal, exclusive interview deals, and chat show deals. And fulfill her dream eventually. I think this story is captivating. The difference in how she was trusted and treated when they believed she was a wealthy heiress then when they found out she was penniless is very telling. As long as she was wearing the right clothes and flashing bills nobody questioned it. As far as prison time goes, a bus driver who raped a  year old in New York wasn’t sentenced to one day. It goes to show money is often valued over people. The Top Shirt On 2019/05/11 thing is that this German heiress looks like a typical Russian village girl, she speaks pretty bad German and it says in her passport that she was born in Russia. Maria Rubin and she were under and these banks, lawyers, and elite business people were dealing with her on a business venture. She event chartered a private jet with no money. A luxury hotel actually allowed her to stay and run up a bill with no credit card on file and no guarantee of payment not to mention the and banks that went along with it.




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