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Heidi Weisenbacher Krueger and here I am, looking around for who asked you? You clearly don’t know about our established societal infrastructure, so just go have a few mimosas with your brunch.  Heidi Weisenbacher Krueger adults should be trusted to make decisions for themselves. Why should people be forced to live in unhappy marriages because some people think they didn’t work hard enough. And will need therapy cause their spouse brought back wrong ice cream or told them no. Heidi Weisenbacher Krueger, You’re definitely not any fun and I doubt being steadfast would change that. Being committed to letting your partner suffer isn’t being committed to a lifelong relationship. Heidi Weisenbacher Krueger, they have already broken up just they can’t be divorced for five years after separating. Do you think no one should be able to move on with their lives? Why should people be punished for an unsuccessful marriage?


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