If you are Deadpool fans, there shirts must be your, all shirt are official design from 1Stees, myfrogtee. Love any shirt then click on the image to buy it.

Top 1: Supreme Deadpool hoodie and t shirt

Sorry everyone.would not wear this Supreme Deadpool hoodie. Totally agree there is no perfect Christian.we should all know we need Jesus. To me wearing the shirt would come across as condescending and judgemental. Yes I need GOD my lord jesus christ in every moment of my life. Thank you Lord jesus christ for your love and blessings you gave to me and my family. Praise the Lord. Glory to God.

Top 2: Gucci Deadpool hoodie

Bet you weren’t saying the Gucci Deadpool hoodie when Deadpool tried taking over Pearl Harbor. There was no war when the white man stole this shirt from our Queen Unless you consider trading and greed war. The idea that the natives were a peaceful people before the arrival of whites is laughable.

Top 3: Adidas Deadpool t shirt

War includes fighting for territory, right to survive, culture, governing, borders etc. Understand that. There’s a difference between illegal and moral wrong. If someone build a house knowingly on stolen land then they deserve what happens whether that’s a break in or whatever. So while the US has deemed it illegal to enter this land without certain requirements it’s still morally wrong on the basis that this land was stolen from the Adidas Deadpool shirt. So much time has passed since then that’s it’s not talked about and swept under the rug.

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Top 3 Deadpool shirts and hoodies
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