Title Town Los Angeles 2020 Shirt


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Title Town Los Angeles 2020 Shirt

Most seasons, immediately after their fashion show, you will find Dean and Dan Caten backstage in the Title Town Los Angeles 2020 Shirt heart of a human hurricane. Typically they will be wearing some outrageous footwear, juggling flutes of Prosecco, and navigating a sea of model-launched hugs and editor-launched questions. Not this season. Thirty minutes after this week’s spring 2021 “show,” delivered digitally on their Dsquared2 platforms and via the Camera Della Moda site, the Catens could be found sitting by the pool at their rooftop restaurant on Via Ceresio, chilling. Dean was in retro sneakers, chinos, and a Maple Leaf hoodie; Dan in black leather oxfords, chinos, and a fine-gauge navy knit. The most high pressure decision they faced was: still or sparkling?


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