I want to see the hidden stash of art he created while he was hanging out with Jim Henson, The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt. Jerry Garcia, and Timothy Leary at the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests. It has to exist, there’s no way these guys weren’t hanging out during that… I was just thinking about him. Now that I am nearing retirement, I’d really enjoy watching his show and wondered if this show was ever re-aired? I wonder what became of his paintings. If PBS has them, they could be sold or auctioned as a fund raiser. The Art of Napping! The lovely voice just made me nod off on Saturday afternoons. A sweet reminder that my dad always did the same… he would call me and say ‘ Bob Ross is on! Time for a nap!’ My four year old has just discovered Bob Ross. We watch The Joy Of Painting all the time! He even requested a paint set so he could paint “Happy little trees” too!

Bob Ross and Seinfeld George The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt, hoodie, sweater

Bob Ross and Seinfeld George The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt

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We love him! The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt. I’ve been playing his videos for 5th grade Iowa landscape inspiration! They LOVE him!!! They said he makes them feel calm and like they can just go with the flow. He lowered my blood pressure. I am no artist, I loved watching him create, waiting for the painting to be finished, listening to the soothing tones of Bob’s voice. “Happy little tree” My 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter loves Bob. She gave us an original painting inspired by Bob for Christmas. She calls them her “Bobs” and makes sure everyone knows that she used to paint. I was doing college algebra homework a few weeks ago, I was stressed, and just trying to get through it. I kept writing the problems down wrong. I had to go back, erase, and rewrite. Go back, erase, and rewrite. Exhausting!
After one last time, I finally said forget this – You’re a bird now. Yeah, we’ll just make you into a bird. I heard his voice pop up in my head out of nowhere and it was ok! Thank God for Bob Ross!

The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt
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