The price of freedom American Revolution 1775 1783 4435 casualties shirt

The best way to avoid having to pay for tampons is to use something else The price of freedom American Revolution 1775 1783 4435 casualties shirt. If women don’t want periods there are several ways to stop them, implant, coil, injection, pill in tablet form. If women don’t want to pay a monthly cost for pads/tampons, they can use the moon cup. Those women who say they can’t use it, to me, aren’t trying hard enough or just don’t care. The vagina, after all, is designed to stretch wide enough for a baby’s head to come out of it; it can most certainly accommodate a menstrual cup! I know this is opinionated, but a lot of people who say they can’t do something – anything – just don’t want to. There’s a big difference. And, I appreciate that if everyone changed over to the mooncup, my point about the farmers would lose validity, however, the likelihood of everyone swapping, especially teenagers, is not high.

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The price of freedom American Revolution 1775 1783 4435 casualties shirt

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Germany has no reason to feel being treated unfairly! Tuition is a public good and it must be available for everybody! That was the slogan when the tuition fees were abolished. It’s not that only foreigners come to Germany. We have a lot of “NC-Flüchtlinge”, students that didn’t get good enough grads for medicine, psychology, etc. that move to Austria and they don’t pay extra fees. Also, Germany is the country in Europe that sends by far most students abroad during college and grad school for a semester or even a year. 90% of my friends spent at least one semester abroad and due to programs like Erasmus, Promos or others we don’t pay tuition fees and even get a small scholarship. I spent almost half of my study period in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. I attended universities that usually charge thousands of dollars but I could study for free and even got three internships (partially) funded.


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