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It was either the late 70s or early 80s but i attended a big surgical conference as a resident. It was held in San Francisco and since i didn’t make much money i got the cheapest hotel the conference offered. It was on the edge of the Tenderloin district which seemed pretty rough. The hotel itself looked like it had once been very nice but had seen its best days. i was nervous being a small woman in such a rough area but being in the “big city” i did want to go out and experience it on my limited budget so i bravely decided to hit the bar next door to the hotel. It was very dark and narrow and i was blinded by the light outside when i entered. i just headed blindly in looking for a place to sit and was in pretty deep before my eyes adjusted. i had never seen so many rough characters and leather and tattoos in my life which at that point was pretty short and naive, lol! i am supposing they are bikers because i belatedly remembered motorcycles outside but knowing San Francisco who the heck knows? Suffice it to say, these guys were rough and i was certainly not a member of the tribe. i asked for a wine cooler which caused the bartender to snort but they did find a very dusty can for me and i drank it undisturbed.

Thank you Rico shirt

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. If that would’ve been the end of the story, it wouldn’t be much but a few nights later, i was returning in from a fancy reception wearing a lovely gold lame outfit and i was making my usual run from the taxi into the safety of the hotel. Just as i finished paying the driver, a drunken lady from the bar staggered out, swayed a bit and then passed out cold, striking the back of her head with a thickening crunch onto the sidewalk in the brisk fall night. i ran over to her and she was OUT and bleeding as well. As this was before the days of cellphones, i went into the bar to advise them that one of their patrons had passed out and needed an ambulance. i was informed that she was named”Pat” and she “did this all the time.” No, this time i told them she was injured and i was a doctor so please call. Whereupon the entire bar came out to gather around Pat. i persuaded them not to move her until the ambulance came and simply cover her and keep her warm while i monitored her vitals. Pat came to after a few minutes and started to moan and try to sit up. One of the patrons leaned over to yell at her,”Don’t move, Pat, you’re hurt real bad but don’t worry, there’s a doctor here!”

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