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Big Data Analytics is one of the most sought after job roles for freshers as well as data professionals like me. Good thing is that currently resources are limited but bad thing is that there still ain’t that huge demand, although demand is certainly poised to increase rapidly very soon with upcoming opportunities. For a person like me with almost 6 years experience in data science, I can expect around 35–40Lpa INR. But then I know SQL, Cloud, NoSQL, Machine Learning & programming. Now the reason I am answering your question in this 3rd para is because I wanted you to understand that yet opportunities ain’t that huge & experienced professionals are also trying to break in so you will have strong competition. Hence, you would need to prepare yourself accordingly unless you waiting for some fancy campus placement to happen. Note that you have an edge over us because you are a young unpolluted mind so this is the key strength you need to display along with your tech skillset in an interview, & you can beat us anyday. Being a fresher, try to learn and grow instead of diverting your attention to salary (watch 3 Idiots again). Anyways just to end your curiosity, anything above 4.5Lpa INR will be good for you to start with (but if Google selects you, for an example, say a Yes to even 1 LPA).

Street Fight Jesus vs Santa Christmas shirt

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We were on ballistic missile patrol in the Barents Sea several miles off the northern coast of Russia at about 300 feet. Above us a storm raged — we could feel every passing wave. I was the OOD. Suddenly, without warning, we were pulled to the surface by an especially large wave. We were on the surface taking 30º rolls, trying to get back underwater. I pointed the sub into the waves and gave the order to submerge the sub. We got 30 or 40 feet down when the next wave rolled along the length of the sub, and as it crossed the missile deck, it sucked us back to the surface. The Skipper was frantic because we were within range of Soviet coastal radars. The Soviets would not have hesitated to sink us if they found us so close to their northern shore. Floundering on the surface made us an ideal target. I tried to submerge several more times with the Skipper standing right beside me. He didn’t step in because I was doing exactly what he would have done. Then I had an idea, and asked the Skipper if I could try something new. He told me to do whatever I could, but to get the son-of-a-bitch back below the surface. I had the Chief-of-the-Watch, who was on the Ballast Control Panel, flood the stern tanks so that we were down by the stern more than 15º. Then I had him flood the forward tanks, placed the diving planes to full dive, and kicked the screw up to 15 knots. About two minutes later we were back at 300 feet.


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