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Within hours of Joe Biden being called as the Saturdays are better down south sweatshirt winner of the 2020 presidential election, among the congratulatory tweets and emotional messages of joy and relief on social media was one surprising development: Betsy DeVos, one of Donald Trump’s most controversial Cabinet members, suddenly became a trending topic on Twitter. Fallon makes a surprisingly convincing Styles, whether he’s showcasing the musician’s sensitive side—“I stepped in a rain puddle and accidentally got a ladybug wet; cried about it for hours after”—or playing the piano with fingers bedecked in dozens of rings. Fallon-as-Styles is a gentle creature, one who loves to snack on “a bowl of cream topped with raw honey straight from the bee colony I’m friends with,” and he’s deep too. His favorite movie? “Life, directed by me. Shot with my eyeballs, coming soon to theaters near and far.” In the end, he can’t stick it out for the full 73 questions, but he has some parting words for the audience: “Treat people with kindness. Cheers.”


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