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For an Open Water certification (the basic level for divers) you will do some classroom learning first to understand the importance of safety and the principles of diving. After this you will do some dives in a pool or other shallow, controlled water. Once you have demonstrated the necessary skills in a controlled space (typically building up during 5 dives), you will complete your first open water dives to demonstrate the same skills in a larger body of water. This will complete the basic certification you need to start diving. You do not need to be located near the ocean or a lake to complete the certification. Most places have local dive shops who can get you certified close to home. This way, when you go diving on vacation you can be prepared and focus more on enjoying the sights rather than demonstrating skills. Often your local dive shop will organize trips to fun locations, which is a fun way to get to know other local divers. Sometimes, a field (in this case cybersec) can go south, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. I plan to create the ultimate tech worker out of myself. Get a well-paying job in a cyber field, see what’s up elsewhere, learn from the job I have, and – if it doesn’t suit me – move on to the next thing until you find what you’re looking for. In truth, cyber security is just another field. If I do research into it and find I like it, I’ll take a couple online courses on it specifically and go from there. The ability to move around in the workforce will be extremely valuable when your field starts taking a dive. It’s all about flexibility and experience. Since the epicentre was only 130 km from the nearest coast and relatively shallow, massive upward energy was transferred to the sea above, creating an extremely powerful tsunami. In areas nearest the epicentre, there was a mere ten minute interval before two 9 to 12 metre waves (29 – 39 feet) pummelled the coast. Two passenger trains running alongside the shore line were swept away and have never been found. The concrete breakwaters outside harbours and towns – one so large and deep that it was in the Guinness Book of Records – were no match for the raised ocean surging towards them. Funnelled into bays and between buildings in coastal towns, the water moved at six metres per second (19.7 ft./s), sweeping all before it.

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Though loudspeaker warnings sounded all along the north-eastern coast, there was often insufficient time to rescue children or elderly relatives before a towering black tide engulfed them. In a few coastal towns, inhabitants drowned because they clung to the mistaken belief that the coastal walls that had kept previous tsunamis at bay would once again be effective. In some cases, entire towns were obliterated. Despite the previous responses saying that crocodiles swallow stones to dive deeper, this is not the case. Crocodiles do swallow stones (called gastroliths) and although the true reason isn’t fully known, it appears they may aid in the breakdown of food as crocodiles don’t chew. What we do know (this was part of my research) is that when they swallow stones they increase their lung volume accordingly so that they maintain the same specific gravity (buoyancy level under water) when they dive. Same thing goes with trying to stop a car with sudden brake failure. Due to driving habits, from waiting till the very last second to hit the brakes. When slowing down or coming to a stop. Or your mind is up in the ozone, catching you off guard. I run into a lot of people that are interested in data science as a career. Honestly, I think that the primary interest is the salary, which is frequently a mistake for choosing any career. I typically suggest that anyone interested in data science consider at least a master’s degree and if possible a PhD. I also suggest that they consider advanced degrees in Computer Science. With so many people interested in data science, it’s reasonable to assume that the day will come when there are more qualified candidates than available jobs. With fewer open positions than people to fill them, there is downward pressure on wages. No firm will spend more money than is necessary on personnel. Next, people with degrees that are highly focused will typically have fewer potential job opportunities than someone with a broader education.


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