Professional Gate Opener Vintage Retro T-shirt

“We craft our bags to be design objects on their own, pieces that could decorate your living room,” Gout explains. “We are inspired by the Professional Gate Opener Vintage Retro T-shirt of Kandinsky and Matisse, but our creations are really about the mix of our two cities⁠—the know-how and purity of design found in Parisian style and the extravagance and vibrance of Mexico City.” Add shrimp and mix well. Sear in a pan until shrimp is pink and cooked. Top with Siracha Mayo, chilled lettuce, pickled red onion, and Aleppo pepper. For pickled red onion: Combine sugar and Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar in a pot. Simmer. Reduce to a syrup and chill. Add thinly sliced onion and allow to sit at least one hour.

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Professional Gate Opener Vintage Retro T-shirt

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Aude Jan has been making clothes since she was 8-years-old. Her mother, a former pattern maker for the Professional Gate Opener Vintage Retro T-shirt houses of Christian Dior and Chanel, taught her to sew at that age. Jan would experiment with patterns left over from the famous ateliers, crafting clothing and accessories throughout her youth. It wasn’t until years later while living in Paris and getting to know her now-husband Charles Gout, that Jan would evolve her fashion talents and haute couture roots into a real business.