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With advanced degrees in computer science, individuals are more likely to find employment if the data science field becomes saturated. Obviously, this employment will have little or nothing to do with data science, which is all to the good. Another advantage of the advanced computer science degree occurs if you find that you dislike data science. Trust me, it can happen and hating your work can be a miserable existence. With a degree in data science you may be stuck with limited job prospects and potential, but with advanced degrees in computer science you should have greater opportunities across a variety of subject areas. I wouldn’t ever say the Type99 Val dive bomber was ineffective because it was deadly. I would say the Japanese lost a lot of them for various reasons. During Guadalcanal they had a long way to fly to the target. Being slow with fixed gear made them vulnerable to enemy fighters but so was our super effective SBD. Like all Japanese aircraft good pilot replacements started to become more difficult. The same applies to aircraft. But Val dive bombers caused massive death and destruction for the U S Navy. The reason Japanese aircraft carriers were vulnerable was they did not have foam systems to fight fires and a purge system to fill fuel transport lines around the carrier with nitrogen. The US carriers had the Chicago piano and Other effective anti aircraft weapontry. Still, after Pearl Harbor, the USA had only one damaged carrier operating at one point. Had it not been for America’s capability to renew and overwhelm with carrier repairs and builds that premise you made would have been false. We had floating dry docks at forward bases and major repair docks at Pearl and the West coast. People always say Midway was the turning point but after Midway the Japanese came within a hairs breadth of handing America it’s ass. Halsey was an old seadog alcohol soaked hard headed crusty bastard but he raised morale at a critical point and equipment started to pour in.

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Well, this exists: In this step, the developer only just recognizes the existence of the aforementioned technology. At this stage, the developer doesn’t even know if the technology is a database engine, programming language, a spoon, a change holder or a new brand of beer. The name pretty much explains the phase. The developer thinks that this technology is the best thing that has seen the surface of the planet earth and anybody who thinks otherwise should be hanged at the Piazza Loreto. If you’re a close relative of the developer, don’t even try arguing with him on this phase and just let the time heal him. Do you like paradise above and below? If you are a newbie diver it can be a little intimidating but will give you an experience you will never forget and hopefully life will allow you many more trips there. Your initial diver training will enable you to safely perform dives in similar conditions as your training to approximately 60 feet deep. After a little bit of time and experience if you decide you want to take the plunge and go deeper you can take an advanced open water course. During this deeper training you’ll go over gas management and stress having a back up air supply as well as having to pay closer attention to no decompression limits as you’ll encroach them much more rapidly at depth. To add a margin of safety and prepare to go even deeper it’s not a bad idea to add nitrox training at this point. You’ll now be able to dive to 130 feet which is considered the maximum recreational diving depth.


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