And the fact he mentions Sebastian throughout the video warms my heart and shows his genuine love for him. Unicorn Dabbing O’Reilly Auto Parts shirt. Always love Wiz, but my love is even deeper. he word for word says it would take him about 3 days to smoke 100 joints by himself. Either 2Chainz has him beat or he’s a lying ass nigga like we said lol, He prolly has a weed plantation hall in that house but due to security reasons camera won’t be allowed to go into that part of the house. I’m very sure. Shit, I want to burn one with Wiz Khalifa I don’t even need to stop by his crib!!! Have him come to Durango and hit the jeep trails and burn a few.

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He said he has a space for all the ppl who smoke weed in pics but doesn’t have Willy Nelson, or Cheech and Chong? Unicorn Dabbing O’Reilly Auto Parts shirt. Leave him a note like Y’all I was going to rob your house but then I realized who lived here and since you’re such a cool mother fucker I decided to just leave you this note and even lock your door when I leave.
he’s just got a dab bar and shit lmao he goes “it prolly only takes like 3 days to smoke 100 joints, that’s not even passing it to the homies”.
For the same reason that realtors no longer call the master bedroom the master bedroom anymore. Unicorn Dabbing O’Reilly Auto Parts shirt. They now call it the owner’s suite because and I’m quoting the realtor when I say this “because master bedroom seems to close slavery and we don’t want to offend anyone”.
Rental getaway modern homes for like 500 or 600 dollars a night only. I’ve been to this kind of houses before, Dam homie I didn’t know u are from the Burgh! I’m from Pittsburgh myself reppin plum boro and Penn Hills, Imagine the house of the ones who invested in his being for profit…
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