WTF!!!! SO hyped already. Official Super John Wick shirt. I just wish that he wont die in the end and after JOHN WICK 3 they should make the prequel , the story of baba yaga and his night of the impossible task before he got out and get married, that would be awesome for a 4th installment. Love both movies.. my only gripe is the amount of killers and other people involved in this criminal underground world, was WAY too ridiculous. I knew it !!it’s gonna be the 3rd wick hahahaha yes I’m anxious to know my matrix hero to fight all the members aspecially when he told Winston that wick said I’m going to kill all of them and Winston said I know and wick just ran as he HD one hour grace period , yes Mr wick kill those MF !!! Hahaha haha just can’t wait the 3rd wick u Mr wick ! Can’t wait for John Wick III, Not sure on a tv spinoff and or if it would work even with a cameo of Wick. TV series usually are low budget have terrible effects and ruin the original. Most recent debacle as a reference is Taken, I hope it’s Gd cause I really didn’t like the way it finished in 2 cause all in all he’s a walking dead man I really hope after it all he comes out forgiven n retired as it started, this will b so exciting and yes cant w8 ….the small things and skills John knows will b so awesome love it alŕeady hehe, 

Super John Wick baba Yaga shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Super John Wick Baba Yaga Hoodie


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Official Super John Wick shirt. . I was hoping they would do a prequel of the first one, why he’s called the “baba yaga”, how he made this “impossible mission” and fight for his freedom and family. That would be interesting. Oh hell yea we read. Bring it. Love the work! One flows into the second movie and I’m sure 3 will be just as good. The only reason is they kill the dog, but i like the style and the way to shoot the enemy. I will never miss this. Yes! Cant wait to see it. I wish I knew where I could write a letter to Keanu Reeves. He is a unicorn! I cannot wait to see the third. i already have the one and two and i love it the sequel. Hope it is continuing. I need to be in it .. and you should shoot some of the in Chicago where I can be in it.

Official Super John Wick shirt
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