Jason Davis one shot from a 357 would go through the engine block. Nobody Needs An Ar15 shirt. Or give me a 30/06 and you start across the parking lot and I very seriously doubt you drive away from either situation. We need these weapons for what? The end times? Christians to fight against sinners? Why? Hunting? To clean and observe on racks? Ego? I need a militia of guns? Easy targets? Weaknesses are easy targets for people to aim at, Matt Wolverton I’m not saying give up our guns,don’t think I’m saying that. I’m saying we don’t need these military accessories for these guns. Big difference, Thats like saying, oh ya I believe in having a knife but only a small 3 inch knife anything over that is unnecessary and dangerous, or saying I believe in cars but only small ones like a smart car or something small because a big truck or SUV is to dangerous you could kill too many people with that…… See my point? I too am a gun owner and a hunter. There is no legitimate sporting need for large capacity clips (oh, I mean magazines) , bump stocks or similar devices.

Gun Nobody Needs An Ar15 Nobody needs a whimy little bitch either yet here you are shirt

Nobody Needs An Ar15 Hoodie


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Nobody Needs An Ar15 shirt. There was a time not so long ago when Ronald Reagan was thought to be the conservative standard bearer and he said the same. The NRA used to be about something other than selling guns but no more. Kelly Williams wow it only took over a hundred comments but finally found someone with common sense. Thank you, The second amendment was created to have a armed militia to guard against a tyrannical government. Our forefathers believed this was important because no matter how well designed republics and democracies are they tend to last only 300 years or so (historically speaking). Hence, having a well and properly armed militia (citizens) helps guard against our government becomming so corrupt that it oppenly opperates as something other than our great republic.

Nobody Needs An Ar15 shirt
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