Narcosis underwater martini shirt

I don’t think mil ever got the 411, we had owned four Narcosis underwater martini shirt since our move to Florida. The last was general contractors, our business was very successful, and I was 50% owner and a licensed general contractor too. When we incorporated, my husband had given shares to his son. MIL never got over the fact, I owned more than JOHN. Her house burned shortly after that visit, and my husband rebuilt for her, a very nice house, which he never was given thanks for. She thought it was with my money. She really was a hateful, ungratful bitch who never understood the concept of a married couple who jointly shared everything 50/50.Narcosis underwater martini shirt

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I never, in my 40+ years of marriage, with three children, never once heard her say my name of our children either. I want to add, I never had any conflict with that woman and never understood why, but she evidently hate me. But she was never close to her son either, so it wasn’t because I had taken her “baby boy”. Walmart can be a circus no matter when or where you are shopping. One only needs to google to see examples of wardrobe gaffes, failures and intentional clothing accidents. Through the years I have seen people wearing pajamas, women in very revealing nightwear, short shorts, skimpy tube tops, and countless underdressed overweight people with skimpy thongs hanging out of their butts riding one of those electric powered people carts. On the other hand, I once saw a lovely lady wearing a see through white outfit, and she was rocking it! Made everyone who saw her take second and third looks. I have no idea if she realized how visible her beautiful woman parts were to everyone there! None of these things come close however to what my brother saw when he worked for Walmart.


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