Having a fullback pretty sound defensively. Mohamed Salah never give up shirt. (he’s suspect sometimes, but he’s still very young and will improve) and with that range of passing, he has the feet of a 10 imo, dynamism that can run the entire flank is a huge advantage. He may well already be talked about as the best RB in the world – not guaranteed yet, but he’s in the conversation at 20 years old. 1 or 2 more years and I don’t think anyone would doubt his credentials to be in that discussion. Hard to give him number 1 yet, but his performances this season have been sublime. Liverpool’s weakest spell was when he wasn’t in the team. He’s genuinely crucial for this side. Unbelievable how he’s developed.

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Mohamed Salah Never Give Up v neck

The whole thread is really well put together. Could easily just had a sentence to say [serious discussion only]but he’s put so much information into it. Great work OP. All those kneejerk reactions in match threads and even post match threads really is irritating stuff. Next day threads have some very sensible discussions. Mohamed Salah never give up shirt. Our lord does these regularly for big games and they are always absolutely fantastic. Love reading them as much as I enjoy then delving into the comments. That biography is actually brilliant, definitely worth a read. I don’t much read footballer’s biography’s, but made an exception for that.