Michigan Wolverines one nation under God shirt


This is common in all families, the first generation has a hard time adjusting and learning the local language the 2nd gen is bilingual and bicultural and by the 3rd, there are only a few words know to them from their parents. I’ve seen a similar pattern in almost all families. In Wisconsin where I grew up, a lot of older people spoke only polish. They didn’t expect translators everywhere they went the majority of Americans have never left their American bubble, as the comments on here show. Have some empathy for someone who’s in the process of mastering a new language while struggling to make a decent living. We all have to start somewhere. ”just a few words of English” maybe all he could handle now, but that doesn’t mean he stays that way. Learning a new language is not as easy as an adult, it takes time for many people. If you don’t already speak another language I highly recommend you to try.  Thousands of Americans each year come to Egypt whether for a job or a trip and they don’t even try to speak in Arabic and they start complaining if someone didn’t understand English. Francheska Medina, it’s rude people like you that make people vote Republican.

Michigan Wolverines one nation under God shirt

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