My heartbeat is around 50 when I lay in bed watching a Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt, this episode I checked my pulse and was more than 100, that’s my pulse after 1 hour at the gym. But it was dark for a reason.

The director wanted it to be realistic where you would feel confused about being in the middle of the battle. Not being able to fully see. what battle man that was a slaughter and you couldnt even see what was going on. and the rest.

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The government of Valenzuela made a deal with China back in 2016 it’s a debt trap their economy started to fall since the deal are made ever wonder why Xi Jin Ping supports Maduro even to the Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell v-neck t-shirt of Valenzuela don’t want him no more because he wants to keep the deal that slowly killing Valenzuela