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My friend then videotaped himself giving the Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl 2-7-21 shirt mechanic another jury summons a 2nd time and this time the mechanic showed up. My friend then told the judge he would like to rule in medias res which meant the court already ruled in favor of my friend or threw the case out or whatever. My friend then did some more legal research and was able to get his car back though. This was a common thing for him. When people began asking where money was, he wouldn’t respond, wouldn’t show up to the bar, and would just avoid doing anything about it. When pressed, he would make up a story blaming the bank, the payment company, etc. It was never his fault. Happened twice and they ended up the ones in trouble. Two different neighbors but the same landlord. I wouldn’t sell him my property and he was a pain for years. I digress.

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He was big and stubborn and I knew he needed a good trainer. We were walking on my dead end street, about 60 feet from my house. The lady up the street always had her snippy terrior off the leash. I looked up and this little biter was tearing down the road, too fast to get more than 20 feet away. He tackled my pit, grabbed his ear and bit through it. Blood flying everywhere, Luthor crying in pain and the little monster tried for me next. The neighbor is screaming that my dog was killing hers. I put Luthor into a sit:stay, so he was in pain, but not moving. Meanwhile, the holy terrior ripped his pants leg, bit him on the hand when he swatted him away. Neighbor got a huge fine for a loose vicious dog, no collar, no license, and off leash, with no effort to control. Sixteen stitches. The other dog had to go into quarantine since he had no rabies shot. I got a visit from the code enforcement guy that people were complaining about cat urine smells from my property.

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