If there is any proof that this Jack Skellington hug Jameson shirt, the conspiracy theory or that it was planned is thrown out the window. (At Minimum) Investigate on your own! IF you truly care, you will come up with the same theory.

I wonder what our illustrious Mayor would do if his son got caught shoplifting at Kroger’s. His son is probably about 10 or 11. Does he approve of shoplifting? Would he punish his Jack Skellington hug Jameson shirt? I wonder why Kroger closed the store in Walnut Hills? Why don’t they have a supermarket in Avondale Town Center?

pretty sure farmers grow their own cattle feed, that’s why we have so many silage piles. Steve Moran, we import most of the stuff. Exactly, people don’t seem to realize if we didn’t kill animals they would overrun the world in a Jack Skellington hug Jameson shirt. Let’s not get started on birds, Canada Geese and seagulls have propagated to the millions and are to the point they are causing disease in our waterways and public areas.