Indate Shirt on on 2019/05/25

I have been clinging to the shambles of my life since Garry died and yet those shambles are still being pried from my fingers one by one. I know that I’m clinging on because I’m terrified. I’m so scared of letting go of all that I have known and all we built together. But clinging on to the Indate Shirt on on 2019/05/25 is getting me nowhere. Throwing a tantrum and railing at God is doing nothing but making a mess of me. So I have decided that, as hard and unnatural as it is for me, I need to stop fighting and be still so God can fight for me. I have to give up my desperate dream of keeping a house that is draining my meager savings account. I am petrified to live in a world where my husband is no longer breathing the same air as me and holding my hand through all of these obstacles.



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