I’ve been meaning to watch Rebels, seen bits here and there, but not the whole story. I’m done teaching I’m going to Disney shirt . Honestly, of all the Canon content out now I think Rebels is probably the most overlooked piece as it’s portrayed a bit more kid focused than others. I think that’s a stretch given what we already know, granted they did bring Darth Maul back just cause. I’m thinking it would have been from his time on Tattooine watching Luke….. Then that info would lead into a Kenobi movie. Like I said outlandish. In New hope when Luke was cleaning R2D2 and C3PO was taking a dip ( a bath) C3PO asked what planet they are on. Luke mentions about being teleported of this rock, C3PO responds with something like ” Not to my knowledge but not on this planet anyway”. So teleportation is possible in this star wars universe apparently.

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