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At home in Los Angeles, Spiteri is prepping for another season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which earned her an Emmy nomination this year. Remembering Mank’s methodical research process, she references books like The Times We Had: Life with William Randolph Hearst and The I’m awkward and black shirt Brothers Mank. “They all had actual photos, and gave great insight to these characters,” she says. To perfect the classic techniques, it was a team effort with the help of hairstylist Colleen LaBaff and custom wigmaker Rob Pickens. “Amanda Seyfried’s transformation could not have taken place without the beautiful wigs,” Spiteri says. “As beautiful as her natural blonde hair is, Marion Davies was platinum.” The team would wrap Seyfried’s extra-long waves as tightly as possible to prep for the hand-tied, bleached bob Pickens designed to hover above Marion’s extravagant costumes, whether a glittering lamé gown or maribou-trimmed circus uniform.

I'm awkward and black shirt

Buy this shirt:  I’m awkward and black shirt

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