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“The conditions that we’re facing are making us think very differently about the way we are showing,” he told Good Morning Vogue in the days leading up to his LV show. “This season is going to be very different in every way.”

Basketball son mom mommy sports lover shirt

Indeed, the Vuitton show at the LVMH-remodeled La Samaritaine department store gathered in-person guests with others who watched via 360-degree cameras, and yet more who experienced an augmented reality livestream that blended IRL models with clips from Wim Wenders’s iconic movie Wings of Desire. Ghesquière explained: “Some guests will be able to manipulate the cameras from their phones or their computers at home. They will be able to follow the girls, to feel the music, and hopefully to catch a certain emotion that is going on in the room.”

Basketball son mom mommy sports lover Hoodie

Emotion was very much on Ghesquière’s mind this season. He spoke of conjuring the freedom that he sees expressed in the wardrobes on nonbinary people: “My question this season was about this zone between feminine and masculine. Nonbinary people, people that are taking a lot of freedom dressing themselves as they want and not declaring themselves with any gender, this community is giving a lot of freedom to all of us.”

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