I may be a nurse but i can’t fix stupid shirt


Attending a dinner party I may be a nurse but i can’t fix stupid shirt . hosted by Dior in Cannes, France. Hadid experimented with monochrome by tackling one of the toughest shades: nude. Wearing a skin-tone color all over can easily read as bland, or blah, but the model styled it in a way that felt completely elegant for an evening event. She started with a sheer, off-the-shoulder top with a nude bra peeking through. I’m a very empathic person, but I’m not sympathetic.Heartbreaking but stupid. He did not have oxigen available at a depth of over 30 feetOr, you can mind your own business, Eric. People cope differently and comedy is a coping mechanism.My bad, I should not expect you to understand something so complex Dio Landa Comedy is a coping mechanism? Oh, because you’re clearly so distraught and are just finding a way to cope — right?The truth is that so many people in this world are barbaric almost to the point of psychopathy


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