I got enough Tupperware. I could eat from this for at least a week, easy.


How can we enforce and restrict gun ownership effectively while also suppressing a large and active black market? The process of buying a firearm has just as many rules and regulations as Canada, but it seems as though as countries we share different mentalities, while having significantly fewer people, Canada doesn’t seem to have a “more guns for the collection mentality” we purchase guns primarily to hunt and that’s it (with a few exceptions). From what I’ve observed guns are largely either a tool for crime or “bling” in the U.S and are bought and sold for the sake of owning one. Guns are viewed as less of a rare tool for certain circumstances and more as a ‘I kill you or show you’ dichotomy. This is what they were made for essentially but with over 300 million people it’s doomed to be disastrous every day they exist for the general public whether it’s legal or illegal in the U.S, especially when the consumerist mindset plagues the gun market just like it does everything else. Essentially the U.S is fucked no matter what.

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