How to cook like you’re about to hunt a monster from Monster Hunter World.


Do cars reduce car accidents???? Do you argue that tax evasion laws should be repealed because criminals who evade taxes don’t follow tax laws???For fucks sake 12 people are dead, have the decency to at least be honest about the situation. This bullshit about how guns keep up safe is beyond fucking insane at thjs point. This happens ALL THE TIME. The entire point of guns is to kill things. The right to have them is literally for the purpose of killing our government if it goes into dictatorship mode. Its to make the government NOT FEEL SAFE so it doesnt get overly comfortable abuse its power.This whole “we need a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun thing” is fucking idiotic. You arguing that when 12 people were just killed by a crazed gunman should be a HUGE fucking red flag for you that the argument you are making is totally insane. Its has no foundation in reality and its not honest. Its a fucking marketing slogan to sell guns. Grow the fuck up.There is a reason we’ve all seen that onion article a million times.

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