Hockey Christmas tree sweater


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While it’s not yet clear whether air purifiers will help in protecting you against COVID, the Hockey Christmas tree sweater devices do have a number of measurable benefits—which, considering how much time we’re collectively spending at home nowadays, is appealing enough. The best air-purification technology can destroy an array of pollutants, mold, bacteria, and harmful chemicals. More specifically, says Seidenfeld, it can help to relieve symptoms of cold, flu, and allergies such as nasal congestion, sinus irritation, and cough. And, when it comes to a device that creates optimal humidity, your skin will benefit too. According to New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, optimal humidity (40 to 60%) allows the skin to retain moisture and maintain its barrier function so it can keep harmful pathogens at bay. “In low-humidity environments, there is an imbalance in moisture and in turn it can start to affect your skin in as little as 30 minutes,” adds Dr. Engelman, who has been recommending Canopy to her patients to reduce dryness and cracking, redness, fine lines, and potential breakouts.

Hockey Christmas tree sweater

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