He starts the fire in the pit and lets it burn for a good while.


To all the idiots about to post about how we need MORE guns and about how we need “good guys” with guns.Good guys with a gun didnt stop a bad guy with a gun, the bad guy with a gun killed 12 people, and the bad guy shot a good guy with a gun in the process. To my knowledge the good guy with a gun line doesnt have an asterisk noting that the bad guy might murder a dozen people before the good guy does anything about it. I mean Do You guys honestly think he would have killed 12 people without a gun?This is the US, Your guns arent in danger you dont need this delusional cultish defense of them. Guns are a right, and even if you could get rid of all of them legally, there are sooooo many out and about at this point that it’d basically be impossible anyway. Hell I even have a couple myself. But you do really, honestly believe that guns reduce gun violence? Does that same logic apply anywhere else?? Does heroin reduce heroin addiction?

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