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I don’t have any idea what DID do it. A cat could have. A bird of prey could have. A dog could have. A fox could have. A human could have. Possibly some other animal could have. The head was not necessarily removed by the I tell dad Jokes periodically shirt and I love this bird’s killer—maybe something else killed the pigeon and something scavenged the head. I have seen cats eat the head off bunnies. They often eat small birds’ heads first, though a pigeon might be too big. Maybe a cat started to eat the pigeon and realized it was too big to eat more than the head? Dogs often kill small prey by shaking it, and they also playfully shake toys. A dog may have pretended to kill a dead pigeon and accidentally ripped the head off. The only time I definitely saw a bird beheaded, it was done by an owl—I was catching (and releasing!) saw owls as part of a scientific study, and one of the owls I caught was carrying a headless yellow-rumped warbler. The scientists I was working with told me that saw whets sometimes break prey up into two meals—the head is “breakfast,” early in the night, then eat the rest of the bird when they get hungry again towards dawn. Saw whets are very small—I suspect they are too small to kill pigeons, being about pigeon-sized themselves. However, a larger owl, like a barred owl, could kill a pigeon and might possibly have similar behavior.

I tell dad Jokes periodically shirt

Your mom may not be ready to adopt a new cat. Losing a beloved furry companion can be just as devastating (and in some case more so) than losing a human. Despite the I tell dad Jokes periodically shirt and I love this thinking of “it’s just a cat…” your cat was so much more than that. If you have been the one encouraging the search for a cat of the same color, then your mom may be going along, but when it comes down to actually meeting a cat, she’s just not there yet. It may also help to look for a cat that looks completely different to avoid the subconscious feeling of “replacing” the cat you just lost. Being outside is dangerous for domestic cats. There are pests, larger predators (including dogs, foxes, and birds of prey), cars, ill-wishing people who will seek to torture or poison your cat, etc. It’s not the “oh it’s such a natural paradise in harmonious union with nature”. It really is NOT. If that’s your wet dream, drop it. If you plan to subject your cat to dangers and a possibly painful demise that comes all too early, it’s better if you rehome your cat. Find a clinic or give an ad saying that you have no abilities and desire to take care of a domestic cat and that your cat deserves a better place and a loving home where it will lead a peaceful life.

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