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I think there are many Americans that are very happy with Biden simply because he is not Trump. It is difficult for me to understand or wrap my arms around why people voting for Biden would sell their country short. Placing someone like Biden, who’s cognitive status is declining and trust him to represent our country is outrageous to me. It is disheartening to watch our country deteriorate in the Pig yo no soy un Ingrediente shirt moreover I love this hands of democrats and the radicals. Before the virus, our country was enjoying prosperity and job growth. Even Black Americans were reaping the benefits. Biden has been manipulated by the radicals who hate America and are only interested in it’s failure rather then help it grow and progress. By making our borders unsafe and welcoming a free for all is making it more dangerous. By spending trillions on top of trillions will bankrupt our country . The lack of law and order by defunding the police and allowing criminals to become victims is terrifying. By injecting racism in everything we do or say is preventing any kind of conversation and unification of our county. We are more divided than ever. To want a complete culture change allowing the indoctrination of our children and government mandating and controlling every aspect of our life and telling us what’s best for our families is disgraceful. . To actually see the uprising and the destruction and burning of our cities is very alarming. The fact that they want to change and take our constitutional rights away is a clear indication that they want to take away everything that made our country great. People’s hatred for our country will be its downfall. This makes me very unhappy because we are about to lose our country. They are taking away what was important to me.

Pig yo no soy un Ingrediente shirt

No, Biden knows that that will never happen. What he does want is to see the Pig yo no soy un Ingrediente shirt moreover I love this current enormous and hostile divide between the two main parties lessen. Especially in Congress and among American voters. The divide began to increase in earnest back in 2000 with Bush the Younger’s controversial election, and then really grew to near unmanageable proportions during the ensuing Iraqi war. The chasm between the GOP and the Dems then remained hopelessly at odds and perhaps widened still when Barack Obama came to the White House. Needless to say, Trump served as an effective human pry bar to open the gap during his tumultuous four years, to the point where the current system of Congress is broken, and at a near hopeless and untenable situation. The condition is just as bad and maybe more dire between Republican and Democratic voters, where for many, their desired outcome of the current political adversity and disparity in respective ethos’ is total destruction of the other party. Some political scientists say the two parties are now, incredibly, as far apart as they were during the American Civil War. So I think Biden, but maybe not his VP, would just be satisfied if the overt rancor between the two parties could calm enough so they could remember why their congressmen could remember why they are serving in DC…for the American people…and occasionally work across the aisle to pass legislation that would help the country in its entirety. Instead of being concerned only with injuring the other side and winning at all costs.

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