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JFK was a good looking guy and was addicted (excuse the Black Woman beautiful shirt moreover I love this pun) to new vaginas. Most of his Navy career was spent partying and having various sexual escapades even on his boat, PT-109. It was during one of these when his craft was rammed by a Japanese destroyer and sunk. The survivors of this incident never, to my knowledge, were witnesses at a board of inquiry if one, indeed, was ever held. Joseph Kennedy was a good buddy of then-president Roosevelt and was a frequent guest at the WH, often bringing (I suppose) fine scotch to which FDR was often incapacitated by (ie. drunk). My mother’s mother worked for the 1st VP as a housekeeper and said Mrs. Gardner (who she didn’t like at all) was a drunk who spent a lot of time at the WH when Eleanor was away (I just threw that in for spicy details and have no idea what transpired).

Black Woman beautiful shirt

Anyhow, when the Black Woman beautiful shirt moreover I love this war was done JFK became the fair-haired boy of American politics and when he was elected president by narrowly defeating Richard Nixon it was well known that Chicago played big in voting fraud and swung the state in the favor of the Democrat (Nixon could have had the election overturned but just let it go possibly because his wife and children had been threatened by none other than mobster Meyer Lansky who once worked for Joseph during Prohibition). JFK appointed, as his consigliere (Attorney General), his brother and the dumb-ass Republicans let him get away with it putting two of Joe’s criminal brothers in power. RFK ran the covert operations while JFK was content mainly with newer vaginas and the women who did him never ran out. When Castro told Kennedy he couldn’t deal drugs or booze from Cuba and wanted all the gambling and prostitution removed from his country a very serious rife broke out between Kennedy and Castro culminating in the Cuban Missile Crisis which JFK provoked. Khrushchev didn’t back down, Kennedy did and gave concessions to the USSR backstabbing Castro.

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