Cat Hug heart back the blue shirt


We need to close the schools and take control of the situation now not later! It’s going to happen eventually so why put it off, also it just makes sense to lockdown at the same time as the rest of the world so we can get back to normal life at the same time instead of prolonging the situation. If we’re not careful we’ll still be in a full-blown outbreak whilst the rest of the world get things under control and we’ll be isolated with travel bands placed on us. The reason for not closing schools at this point has been clearly explained. It would mean millions of children needing to be kept indoors and looked after. If the parents look after their children we lose a lot of essential workers, if the children are looked after by grandparents they are the most vulnerable. If the children are allowed to treat it as a holiday and go out and about they might as well be at school.

Cat Hug heart back the blue shirt

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