Cat Avocado Avogato Vintage Retro Shirt

Everyday fashion—a concept that evoked a clearer image pre-pandemic. Trying to shake off a bit of the outfit dust of Zoom Cat Avocado Avogato Vintage Retro Shirt tops and casual bottoms, I found myself looking through some of Vogue’s in-studio fashion shoots for some inspiration when I came across one of Tonne’s 2019 shoots celebrating personal style entitled “Suit Yourself,” from the May issue. I immediately called Tonne to talk through an update. “This was my first shoot with the beautiful Adut in Paris with Theo Scion, Adut has since become one of the most sought after models of the moment,” Tonne says, looking through the story with me over Zoom. We hover on an image of Adut in neutral layers and commute-ready sneakers. “This is just one of the eight characters that she inhabited alongside another star, Anok, and the story was menswear-inspired. Because of the range of designs and fabrics we got to play with creating personalities within this storyline,” Tonne shares her thinking behind the images.


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