You can’t scare me I have a crazy bestie shirt

Laminating a document doesn’t automatically invalidate it, but it You can’t scare me I have a crazy bestie shirt it more difficult, often impossible, for officials to determine if the document is authentic. If you present a laminated birth certificate, indeed any document that has been laminated by anyone other than its issuing authority, as part of a US passport application or US immigration application, your application may be refused if the lamination prevents the Department of State or USCIS (as appropriate) from verifying that the document is authentic. This will happen whether or not it was “legal” for you to laminate that document. Yes — I was pulled over for going 30 in a 20 mph school zone. The problem was, on that stretch of road the school speed zone was 30 mph. I knew that because I had taught at the school for several years and had passed that sign more times than I would care to count. I asked him if one of the officers assigned to the school was available, and he called him on the radio. He asked what the school speed zone was, and was promptly told over the radio that it was the only place he had ever worked where it was 30 mph. The guy who pulled me over let me go very apologetically. And for the sake of those two “royal royals” I truly pray that their Luvvies spend even more money supporting their “universal services, causes” and overpriced products to support their beloved douche and douchess’s “simple life”. They certainly deserve it. The douche and duchess, too. I was humping around huge buckets of laundry detergent in order to make a Pile It High And Watch It Fly display when I customer asked for help. Let’s see, talk to a customer or schlep ginormous vats of laundry detergent? However even if I got a high-tech prosthetic arm, my own left arm is still a couple of orders of magnitude more useful. I would retrain my left arm to write and do many of the things my right arm does now. Over time, my brain would adapt and be able to perform those tasks better, but I would still be right-handed.

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You can’t scare me I have a crazy bestie shirt

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