Black cat I do what I want sweater


Social distancing and mask-wearing have created additional considerations for artists: For Chloe Grace Moretz’s Shadow in The Cloud premiere, Mai Quynh contrasted a bright-copper-and-blue eye palette with the Black cat I do what I want sweater actress’s astral Louis Vuitton top, and set Moretz’s foundation to last through mask adjustments–a detail that’s especially important now that artists can’t be present for touch-ups. And as press coverage is increasingly shot from home, accessible photo accessories mimic professional equipment: “It’s all about good lighting,” Quynh says. “I tell my clients to invest in at least one to two ring lights.” She touts Riki Loves Riki mirror lights, expert favorites that prove equally useful for stars practicing “self-glam,” as hairstylist Iggy Rosales calls the DIY phenomenon.

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Black cat I do what I want shirt

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