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Even the Alexander Hamilton king’s college school of law est 1954 New York city shirt way she walked produced so much noise, it’s almost like she did it on purpose. So after a while I went upstairs to talk to her, she denied everything and said it must be someone else. Except that I know if noise is coming from upstairs or not but ok and other neighbors complained about her too. A couple of days later, the doorbell rang, I opened the door and an elderly couple was in front of my door. They were her parents and said that if I talked to their daughter again they would call the police. Yes, a 28 year old woman made her parents drive over an hour to talk to me and threaten me. I told them to go for it and call the police; I’d invite them in so they can hear for themselves how loud it is all day long and then talk to their precious little girl.

I later found out that she was an only child and that’s why her parents were super protective over her her whole life. She never had to deal with anything, handle anything on her own or solve her own problems. I’m not saying that every only child grows up like this; that was just the case for her. After I had returned to work couple of weeks later, one of the owners of the company asked me if I wanted to come over with my wife to their house and have supper. He said it might be a way to get our minds off my daughter’s tragedy. Only two days earlier, my wife and I got a van and cleaned out my daughters apartment. It was one of the worst days of my life, of course. We went over to their house, but before we had a meal with them, he insisted we jump in his car and drive to the house he was having built. I guess, technically, it was a mansion. And it was on 85 acres. They took us on a tour of the house, one that I dread it every step of the way.


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