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Pink shirt Guy with gun

OmgYou mean he’s on the Pink shirt Guy with gun it is in the first place but floor lying which he can do with no repercussions!!!! What a stujpid rule they put in to protect themselves.!If only they read these comments. They would know what Americans really want, think and know.This man is the most negative man I have ever heard. Everything that comes out of his mouth is usually a lieI can’t listen to this DEMONcRAT any longer. He is seriously ill with TDS + makes ZERO sense!Awful guy. He looks like the Joker in the movie, Just visualize him in the makeup.Leaked unverified intelligence information. Talking about this leaked classified information before it is verified and released by the intelligence department is TREASONShut up. It didn’t happen. Knock it off. Who is the source at the nyt?

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Trump has been tough with military. You have been there 40 years! Voters are watching youwhen will we wake up and get rid of this evil vindictive murderous people. vote Republican all the Pink shirt Guy with gun it is in the first place but way get rid of these people. we need to get rid of these evil people.You are a disgrace to our country should resign your post and go live in Iran under sharia law!Why is this guy still in politics? He needs to move to China and take cray cray PalosiBlah, blah, blah….this is one of the most despicable man on the Internet. Now he’s saying Trump is weak?